The Allusions of Anna

Lies I’ve Told

You’re safe.
No one can hurt you.
The guns are cold.
Have my hand to hold.
But the silence growls
And the reaper prowls.
Bullets cry,
forced to fly.
It’s not safe here.
I didn’t mean to lie.
You can’t outrun fear.
You’re destined to die.

Cracks in the Sky

If you listen,
you can hear
the stars.
They whisper
secrets they
see committed
in sin. Silence
swallows the
dark field, a
world of its own.
But the stars
are there for
you. They receive
pain, regrets, and
dreams from the
ones dancing beneath
their light. Glimmering
hope through cracks

in the cold sky. The
sun is breaking through
as your stories remain
safe in the arms of the


Poems by Anna McGlanery


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