The Anthems of Adam

Safe Harbor

Breaking my insecurities, young love flew to me
Dressed in imperfection, with the presence of morning tea
Our touch was so personal, but your skin was impermanent
So the prairie winds took you, to a land more fortunate

My heart collected mold, a new lust spawned
So blindly I surrendered, into the fortress of arctic dawn
She plagued my bleak world, until I felt some ambiguity
I fled her murderous throne, released into equanimity

Only when I broke, and purged life’s plaque
Could I journey the garden, to unveil my lovely lilac
In paths of somber and grief-stricken night
She danced my way back to the patient sunlight
But by cleaving from the root, her fate was set
As her petals peeled, I remained in her debt

I cursed to the wind, I spite for the sun
They noticed such malice, declared war and won
My definition of love was removed from disorder
As death welcomed me in to my true safe harbor


You hurled a gust of roaring wind onto me and I gagged. My body bled out. I descended into
hell, where Satan rolled the footage of pent up memory into my liver for an eternity. I lost my
identity. I didn’t put up a fight until I heard that Satan’s home address was located at the “Hills of
Unconscious Animosity”. So I climbed. I climbed out of hell as its body guards launched nuclear

questions into my neurosystem. Nonetheless, I crawled my way back to remembering and
relearning passion; but I never forgot how to question, especially when I hear of you.

Did the vast metropolis of our indifference suffocate your shadowed dictator, or was this a case
of your repressed yearning of lust. Maybe the sun’s gleam begun to vanish from my Oceanic
eyes, but that’s ok; cause it truthfully never beamed too bright on you.

Lecture of the Earth

Silence, listen, as the earth still whispers
It’s fragrance rustles a tree in tune
Which changes movements with the entrance of the moon
The beauty shimmers, hear your soul whimper

Hush for now, breathe into your toes
Refrain from a crying, habitual, speculation
Feel now she drips, breeding creation
Tonight the world slowed, and your path was exposed

What’s Going On Album Lyrical Poem

My mother, father, and brothers
Are we really going to suffer?
Our lives’ narrated by what the newspaper said
It’s the destruction that lives in our hand our head

When will we get together again?
Runaway from the word that makes slaves out of men
May I forsake the way they do my life?
May we forsake the way they do our lives?

Our bills have piled up, sky high
Slowly our souls are sent off to die

The panic in us bloomed, now it’s spreading
And God only knows where it is heading

Friends, don’t punish me with brutality
Though I live enslaved to my money
Though we live poisoned by societies scope
Through our personal abuse, shall we remain with hope?


Poems by Adam Williams


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